A premium Australian contact centre

ASTIA stands for Acquisition & Service To Inspire & Achieve. With countless hours of experience in the outsource market, our senior leadership team provide its employees and clients with a brand that will produce the results and the inspiration.


  • At ASTIA, we believe a happy employee is the best person to serve your customers, so we make sure to put our employees first. Whether it be coaching, training, professional development or pure remuneration, we tailor our approach to every individual based on their personal motivations and goals. This approach produces a culture of accountability and ownership of performance and an all round enjoyable place to work.
  • Our infrastructure sits securely in the cloud with Amazon Web Services, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime with on shore data centres.
  • Our agent interface contains outcome based scripting making even the most complex call flows seamless with a built-in knowledge base to help support the agent through even the most challenging of calls. The platform includes Voice, SMS, Email, Live Chat, Video Chat with the ability to integrate social media providing a complete OmniChannel experience if need be.
  • We use live dashboards to manage and monitor outbound productivity and inbound service levels with complete granularity or holistic overview dependant on the needs of the campaign. Individual agents also have their own dashboards to monitor their own performance in relation to their daily/weekly KPI’s.
  • Our inbuilt Quality Assurance application means we can meet all your compliance needs, we can monitor up to 100% of calls and report back on trends and outcomes, allowing you to rest assured that the service is in line with your industry specific regulations and guidelines.
  • Our flexible dialler technology allows us to treat the data to your liking with the ability to dial your customers predictively, progressively or on preview, meaning your customers and leads will be treated exactly how you’d like and within best practice.
  • Our platform allows us to provide complete end to end reporting at a high or granular level daily, weekly and monthly dependant on your requirements. We have eyes on overall campaign performance and productivity, data set performance and productivity all the way down to individual agent behaviour and achievement.
  • We create, edit and manage all campaigns internally which is why our operational team can build unique campaigns in a matter of days (sometimes hours). As set up costs are often seen as a barrier to entering external partnerships, these costs inclusive of light integration will be absorbed by us.

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