OmniChannel Customer Engagement

At ASTIA, we understand the word OmniChannel gets thrown around a fair bit with little regard for its actual meaning. Second to that, what does it actually mean? Well, for us, we believe that a true OmniChannel experience provides continuity throughout the entire customer engagement experience, and at ASTIA, we do this by holding the customer at the centre of all communication streams regardless of the channel.

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What is Omni-channel customer experience?


As digital has such a strong influence over the marketing and building of brands in the contemporary landscape, it makes sense to ensure that regardless of the channel your customer decides to contact you through, whoever handles the enquiry has the ability to access a complete interaction history across all communication streams. This capability facilitates the seamless continuity which is not only a pleasant experience for your customer, it also serves to reduce customer and agent effort.

A great example of effective OmniChannel interaction would be the use of digital marketing for lead generation. This combines channels such as email or web chat with a phone call follow up to address any complex issues and ultimately close the lead. With the broad impact of social media, pay-per-click and email outreach, one would expect significant financial traction. However, businesses continue to search for the elusive hen that lays the golden egg. Tele-marketing is the perfect addition to convert previously-excited leads or customers into brand ambassadors whilst having access to all prior interactions, ultimately providing the customer with an ideal seamless experience.

What are the different communication channels available?


A channel slowly phasing out in its traditional sense, but elevating in the non-traditional. What marketers are quickly finding out is that no amount of online content and interaction can replace having a human voice to address a complex query or provide the level of trust needed to complete a transaction. This is where a smart blend of digital and voice is a vital tool for success.


Another channel said to be reaching the end of its reign as an effective marketing tool, yet in the times of digital marketing, cookies and nonstop targeted banner ads, smart email marketing is making strides toward resuming its former position as a communication stream that can return strong results.


Let’s be honest, of all the communication tools, SMS would have to be one of the most effective. Even if you receive a text from an unwanted source, you often open it for its simplicity and ease of disregard, but when used in conjunction with other marketing and communication streams it can be a useful way to enhance the effectiveness of other communication channels like outbound telemarketing.


These days it’s practically impossible to run a business without an effective website and it certainly isn’t possible to market your products and services digitally without one. Even if your leads funnel through a landing page, chances are your website will be looked at before a final decision is made, so you can imagine the importance of having not only a cogent website but the ability to enable communication via webchat real time to a product expert. This means general enquiries and simple questions are handled efficiently whilst the call centre is available to handle the closing and complex questions.

Mobile and Social

Imagine a world where your customer comments on your Twitter or Facebook post, or were chatting vie direct message, and then picks up the phone to call in and the conversation is picked up straight from where the online interaction left off. This is the true definition of OmniChannel and a notable example of “continuity throughout the entire customer engagement experience”. Imagine how that customer now experiences your business; it’s simple, it’s easy, why would they go anywhere else?


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