Inbound & Outbound Call Centre Services

Marketing is a crucial factor for the brand awareness and overall growth of any business. And never has inbound & outbound tele marketing and service channel been as important as it is now.


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Inbound & Outbound Call Centre Services


In recent times businesses have been encouraged to increase their online presence with the use of digital marketing and communication (web chat) tools to appeal to the modern consumer. High mobile technology uptake rates and the rise of social media made digital the logical next step.

You may be surprised, however, to learn that tele-marketing and service is rising out of the online 'noise', and regaining popularity. Why you may ask? Well, since it is used with less frequency, the call centre or as we like to name it, the ‘customer engagement centre’ is becoming a powerful tool once again.

Having a dedicated call centre allows the person-to-person contact that words on a screen or a mail out simply can't deliver. While an online presence exposes a business to a global audience, successful marketers know the secret to success is to combine digital with call centre.

Intelligent tele-marketing is the perfect strategy for moving beyond the introductions and towards a stable relationship; the call centre is now seen as the place to deal with the more complex, unique enquiries whilst simple and general customer issues can be dealt with FAQ’s and online web forms or transactions.

At ASTIA, we understand that person to person contact is the most valued; when else can you have a direct conversation with your clients or leads to understand the market needs and what is most desired? The biggest concern is finding an outsourced partner to do it almost as an internal department of your existing business would, a true extension of your brand and values direct to your customers whilst you focus on the core objectives of your business.

Our complex dialler technology allows us to create your inbound, outbound, and blended marketing and service campaigns to suit your objectives in much less time than you might expect. Gone are the days of the cold telemarketer; those are the kinds of behaviours you want to avoid. When you’re paying for a service like ours, you want it to be done in way that gets you the biggest return on your investment, and we know that the best way to do that, is by treating your customers and leads like gold, showing them the respect that they deserve.

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