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Here at ASTIA our call centre services help businesses from all over Australia. This ensures a fast, reliable means of communication and a quality person to person interaction to make sure all of your client’s questions and needs are met in a timely manner.

We provide excellent service as we have the most up to date, complex dialler technology allowing us to create outbound, inbound, service campaigns and blended marketing to suit whatever requirements you may desire and at a very fast rate.

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Quality customer engagement and acquisition services


Providing a dedicated, high-quality telemarketing centre for your business has never been more important than it is today. When people typically think of phone marketing, they think of someone trying to sell them some useless product over the phone from the other side of the world.

Today, it has greatly evolved and become the perfect tool to deal with more unique or complex enquires at a rapid pace. Giving your customers a quick turnaround when they come to you with a query is essential in maintaining a long-term, stable relationship.

Giving your customers a place to phone will also give you peace of mind when it comes to your business. No longer will you have to communicate via email with your clients, where it may take days to reply to a query or to finish the conversation. Instead of expending your precious time into customer service, you can be completely focused on growing and expanding your business.

Custom communications for maximised results


ASTIA knows every day is not the same and every client is not the same. So why would you send them the same generic email? That’s why our call centre Brisbane and Gold Coast service is so advanced, every client deserves to feel as though they are being heard and their issue is of the utmost importance. That is exactly what we strive to achieve. Ensuring we understand and provide the most high-quality interaction, so your client leaves with all the information they needed plus more.

Our call centres make thousands of calls each week, directly handling all client enquiries. Delivering excellent customer service while also aiming to promote your brand and build trust with your clients.


We understand that the hardest part about finding the right call centre and customer engagement service is trusting that they will accurately represent your brand and operate as if they were an internal department. Here at ASTIA that is our top priority, we want clients to contact us and have absolutely no idea we are an outbound service you have hired. That is why we provide high-quality ongoing training to ensure every conversation that takes place creates an exceptional customer experience and brand impression.

If you’re ready to elevate your acquisition activities, marketing campaigns and customer engagement operations talk to our expert leadership team at ASTIA. We’ll walk you through the process and start building a custom solution for your business success.

Call today on (02) 8379 - 7834 or contact us here for an obligation free discussion on how to take your business to the next level.




We would love to discuss how our customer engagement services can drive your profitable revenue growth and improve your business performance.