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Our services are highly beneficial for companies who are looking to save time and money, grow their B2B leads and boost their revenue. 

How can you take advantage of our services to increase your B2B sales?

We specialise in growing and servicing your customer base through a number of strategic approaches. 

Inbound and outbound telemarketing is integral for business growth in the modern market, with rising pressure to provide exceptional and dependable customer service all day, every day. Maintaining B2B relationships can be time consuming and a dedicated Australian call centre can ensure person-to-person engagement is always available, even during your business’ busiest times. At ASTIA, we believe in providing authentic human experiences as a true extension of your brand, giving you peace of mind that your business customers are being treated with the utmost respect.

We use a complex dialler technology for our inbound and outbound call centre services to generate a greater ROI for our customers. This technology allows us to personalise how we use your data. The relationships built and maintained with your leads will be completely tailored to meet your standards, while taking into account best practice and any compliance requisites. 

Securing new leads is an important, yet often time-consuming task for businesses. B2B leads need to be nurtured and it often requires 4-5 touchpoints to finalise a deal. We not only use a tailored, strategic approach for generating leads, but we offer expertise in managing the entire process from start to finish. We guarantee a seamless customer experience by addressing their needs and reducing their effort; which we believe is the key to creating long lasting and prosperous relationships with your customers. 

The digital age has given businesses no choice but to have a strong presence across every communication stream. Our OmniChannel customer engagement services can help to ensure continuity across all channels and increase lead generation through digital marketing. 

We can assist with managing B2B sales and customer service across all channels that are relevant to your industry.  Whether voice, email, social, mobile or web; we offer services across all communication channels. 

Our team develops strategic campaigns in line with your business’ objectives. Every ASTIA team member is accountable for the results they deliver, monitoring their own performance in relation to their KPI’s. This not only gives your business confidence, but it enables you to easily track performance and ROI.

Take the weight off your employees and free up their time to focus on the important tasks that are fundamental to their role and the success of your business. Our team is trained and experienced in providing the type of communication that converts. At ASTIA, we take the time to understand your brand to ensure we can offer a true representation that accurately reflects your values to your business customers. 

Your customers deserve to be served by happy and knowledgeable employees. Through specialised coaching, training and professional development, we’re able to support and empower our employees to achieve their personal goals. What does this mean for your business? It means your customers are engaging with dedicated individuals who are passionate about positively representing your brand and providing exceptional customer service. 

Grow your B2B sales through increased productivity, outstanding customer acquisition and highly effective interactions through OmniChannel engagement.

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